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Client Case Studies

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Net Solicitors

Brief: Net Solicitors required a modern, personable website to bring their client facing side up to current expectations and stand out from other traditional law firms that have cold exteriors.

Result: A welcoming colour scheme, minimal layout and subtle animation achieved exactly what was required: a warm, friendly welcome to any visitors. The website was condensed into a clean user experience that was simple for any potential client to navigate, find the information they need and know that Net Solicitors were qualified to solve their issue and empathic to their situation.

This is a screenshot from the Net Solicitors website

Manisha & Friends Yoga

This is a screenshot of the Manisha & Friends website.

Brief: Manisha & Friends Yoga needed an online presence and rebrand to cope with the changes from pandemic. This included a website, logo, payments solutions and video streaming capabilities all in one, easy-to-use system.

Result: Manisha & Friends Yoga was taken from a local business to having a full online presence and capabilities to serve clients remotely during the pandemic. Strategy advice was provided on how to grow the number of users organically. Manisha has grown from just a small group, to now reaching out to high value clients for personal tuition to build her base of regular subscribers.

Strax Capital

Brief: Strax Capital needed a design overhaul to make their sales process easier and friendlier for their clients who tend to be older than for most businesses. Additionally, their internal systems needed to be updated to utilising modern cloud solutions and enable efficient remote working.

Result: Strax Capital has been overhauled from the website to the internal software the team use daily - email, phone system, data management. We optimised their processes with custom software to suit the teams exact needs so that clients have a seamless experience. Their website now is personable and simple to navigate whilst also highlighting their credentials and awards.

This is a screenshot from the Strax Capital website.

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